Monday, March 19, 2012

a changing of the guard

I was a lucky girl this weekend and got to go on a bit of a fabric shopping binge with a good friend. Thanks to the low, low prices at Marden's, I stocked up on fabric I'll use for the next few projects... and some that doesn't have a project in mind yet. It will hang out and wait for just the right thing.
Included in this pile of happiness is another flannel sheet for Finn, a skirt and dress for Mama, a pair of tiny corduroy pants, and the project I can't wait to begin - bedroom curtains!
This is the curtain situation in our room right now...long and gauzy, these curtains came with the house, and they're perfectly fine, but for a window facing the road, and very little space in said room, it makes undressing a bit of an adventure, particularly with the lights on at night. Yikes!

So, farewell, curtains. There will be some cute updates to you in the near future!

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