Friday, April 6, 2012

before and after - in the wrong direction

First, I made a Shalom.
Then, I made another Shalom because the first one didn't fit. I tried to give it away to a variety of women, but it was too small for all of them, and many of them were considerably smaller than me.
The second Shalom was also too small, but I figured I could make it work with some cute frog closures.
Finally, I realized that if I left it this way, I was never going to wear it.

So now I have unraveled one Shalom (that would be it on the right), and am about to begin doing the same to the other, so I can make YET ANOTHER Shalom.

Lesson from this story: way up there at the beginning? Where it says "First"? After that, it should say, "knit a gauge swatch".

Lesson learned.

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