Sunday, April 1, 2012

a request for help from my fabric loving friends...

I'm in LOVE with these two fabrics. 
There was only one yard of the Anna Maria Horner coreopsis flannel (YUM!) available. I love the print and would like to whip something wearable up for myself with it (but am open to other options)..........
 and I figured a half yard of the David Walker "Get Together" narrow wale corduroy on the right would be fine since it will be something for the babe. Maybe pants?

Here's the million dollar question - WHAT DO I MAKE with them???

1 comment:

  1. oh, Sarah, I have YARDS of fabric for which have no current purpose, that I bought because I love the pattern. Someday I shall be inspired, but it's nice to know the fabric is there :)

    BUT if you feel you MUST make something soon:
    Use the flannel with a contrasting backing fabric to make a couple of soft throw pillows for the couch (btw - quilt divas use to have several sizes of pillow forms - MUCH easier than stuffing the pillows with loose fiberfill) and use the little bird fabric as part of a travel quilt for Finn that you could toss over his carseat for long road trips or on the floor when visiting friends.