Friday, April 27, 2012

swappy swapperton

Last night, I went to a clothing swap on our neighboring island, North Haven.  It felt SO GOOD to get rid of a bunch of clothes from my closet that I haven't worn in years, and it was lovely to spend the evening with some great ladies, food, and libations...not to mention the adventure of rowing across the thoroughfare and back. Ah, island life.
It even gave me the unexpected opportunity to look at a well-loved sweater that just isn't working for me anymore and decide to create something new out of it - the chunky yarn is just perfect for an Oatmeal Pullover...and is there really anything better than a free sweater (you know, apart from the labor)?
Not to mention the free and fabulous finds from the clothing swap...including a green JCrew sweater that I have (and love!) in gray.

Win, win!

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  1. aw, I miss clothing swaps! we need to plan one for june when I am visiting :)