Sunday, February 19, 2012

assignment two, check! (plus extra credit!)

I mentioned that I signed up for this class a while ago, and have just completed assignment #2 - cloth napkins!
Now, this was not exactly the most complicated assignment ever - I probably could have done it without the pattern - but would I have? All signs point to "nope".
So here are my cloth napkins and a matching table runner (which could probably have been a little narrower, but I was overzealous). I looove the pattern and think they dress up our table so nicely...
The table itself is a new addition to our house - the kitchen is so tiny that for the past 8 months, we've lived with the tiniest table ever which was not really big enough for two people to eat at, so we mostly ended up eating on the couch, which meant we were usually eating in front of an episode of something-or-other on hulu.  It had to stop.
So earlier this week, I bit the bullet and assembled this Ikea table and it is AMAZING the difference it's made. No more eating in the living room, of course, but there are all sorts of bonuses I hadn't considered: there's now a place for me to put down laundry when it comes out of the dryer, it served as an ironing board and cutting surface this morning for my lovely new table duds, and...AND we might actually be able to consider hosting a dinner party again! This sucker will comfortably seat 4-6 as is, but it has TWO more leaves, which means we could hypothetically seat TEN people! Now, whether that many people can even fit in our tiny house is another story, but it's such a relief to have TWO new spaces in this house - it makes life here much nicer.

If you have good eyesight, you can see Mr. Finn supervising Mama in the second shot.
Hope you had a productive weekend, too!

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