Friday, February 10, 2012


I did it - I really did it!
For those of you who don't know, we live in the tiniest house. Teeny tiny.
Now, I'm a girl who loves small spaces and organization - everything MUST have a home (even if it's not necessarily there all the time). Living here with one other person was cozy - living here with one other adult and one fairly small person is okay so far, but I think after next year - especially once Finn starts getting seriously mobile - we're going to need to upgrade.
For now, though, we've basically signed on to be in the wee house until Spring of 2013, by which point (fingers crossed!) there will be a suitable piece of land or house to buy within our budget on Vinalhaven (a girl can dream!).
We made this decision last week, and I've spent the last few days plotting ways to make our space work better for us. Two things I really, really want:
1. A craft space/office.
2. A dining table that doesn't feel like an afterthought.
Still working on #2, but we're getting there...
In the meantime, I thought and thought and thought, did some measuring to see if there's a way to move our couch from where it is so that it doesn't block a window (no dice), and finally had the stunning realization that I could turn the bookcase perpendicular to the wall instead of flat against it, and voila! A little nook was born!
It's still very much in it's infantile stages. One of the things I'm hoping to find today at Goodwill or this weekend at the French Club rummage sale is a chair, and Chad's already volunteered to make a little ell bit that makes more work and storage space along the adjacent wall.
The bookcase is one that my grandfather made for my grandmother as a wedding gift (how romantic!), and one of the best parts for me is that in addition to it making a perfect partition, the shelves are so deep that I'm able to use the backs of them for storage in the nook!

More pics to follow as I settle a bit more in the space, but just wanted to share my new little nest!

PS, spoiler alert!: This is my chopping bowl turned knitting storage with a finished sweater on top! It wound up being too small for me, but that's just fine because one of my very favorite people in the world has a birthday next week, and I think she'll REALLY like it :)

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